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What we Offer
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We’re proud to offer a wide range of high-quality products built to meet your needs.

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We take pride in doing premium Screen Printing in Los Angeles every day. Our facility uses the best new ROQ automatic presses and always buys the best waterbased and plastisol inks to insure a great feel and a superb wash

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Direct to Garment is a modern printing technique that uses a textile inkjet printer to print your design onto cotton fabrics using water based inks.

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Embroidery creates art with thread. Our embroidery machine is able to stitch on hats, jackets, polos, and accessories to give your apparel a professional look and feel.

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Live Printing

Shirt Agency offers Live Screen Printing for businesses around the Los Angeles area looking to take their event to the next level.

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Drop Shipping

Sync your Shopify store and let us handle the rest. With our fulfillment services your business can focus on design and marketing while we print, finish, inventory and ship your products.

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This advanced printing method involves printing directly onto a film. This makes it ideal for printing complex graphics, photographs, and other detailed designs on a wide range of materials, including apparel, backpacks, and more.

Our Process: Find the Best People | Offer Premium Goods | Obsess over doing it right.
In 2012 our team came together in Los Angeles with the concept of helping people make their dream apparel a reality. We are passionate about helping our customers go from an idea or sketch to shipping out retail ready products to their customers.

Having helped create merch for some of the world's largest bands and corporations we pride ouselves on only offering the best products, inks and techniques.
Who are we?
We are people that want to turn your idea into great merch.

Starting in 2012 Shirt Agency has expanded into a 9,000 square foot production facility offering Screen Printing, Direct to Garment, Embroidery, and complete Website Fulfillment. We have done over 3.4 million prints since opening our doors.

In 2018 Shirt Agency began offering Nationwide Live Screen Printing for corporate events. Since that time our team has visited 30+ states and printed for 100,000+ people live.