How to get eco-friendly screen print shirts in Los Angeles, CA

How to get eco-friendly screen print shirts in Los Angeles, CA

Whether you’re a big business, a mom and pop shop, or a YouTuber looking to bring in some extra cash, you want to feel good about where your money is coming from. It’s easy to jump on the train and find the cheapest t-shirts to maximize your profit margins, but we understand if you feel an ecological responsibility with the products you sell. This is why Shirt Agency offers eco-friendly screen print shirts in Los Angeles, CA.

What are eco-friendly shirts? Many of our t-shirt options are made with organic cotton, which is produced with a much smaller carbon footprint and uses fewer resources than conventional cotton. Keep reading for more details about organic cotton and why it's eco-friendly.

No pesticides

Like organic fruits and vegetables, organic cotton doesn’t have any pesticides used during the growing process. This keeps the soil and surrounding areas free from these harmful chemicals that can cause various forms of cancer, birth defects, reproductive issues, and more. It also allows the ecosystem in the cotton fields to continue to function at a high level without the overarching effects of pesticides.

Saves water

Growing cotton requires a lot of water. And we mean a LOT of water. In fact, chemically-grown cotton uses nearly 2,000 gallons more than organic. In addition to the savings in the amount of water used, organic cotton has no impact on the water as it’s absorbed back into the ground because there aren’t any pesticides used. So, where does the water come from that’s needed to grow organic cotton? Simple, from rainfall. Eighty percent of the water used to grow organic cotton for our eco-friendly screen print shirts comes from rainfall.

High-quality cotton

When you buy a t-shirt, you want it to last a long time. Because we offer eco-friendly graphic tees, you can be confident that it’ll last you a long time. This is because organic cotton is handpicked and hasn’t been worn down by harsh chemicals. Conventional cotton goes through the punishment of a machine picker and the fibers get broken down by harsh chemicals. All this happens before the shirt is even made. Imagine how much punishment these t-shirts have already seen by the time they get to your customers.

Low-impact dyes

In addition to the material that’s used for our eco-friendly graphic tees, we’re proud to offer DTG (direct to garment) digital printing. This method employs a water-based dye that creates a vivid image on any item. Because the ink is water-based, you can feel confident that it has a low impact on the environment and fits your goals to provide an eco-friendly product.

Get more from Shirt Agency

We proudly serve businesses that are both local to the Los Angeles area as well as across the US and around the world. We can help you fulfill orders for eco-friendly screen print shirts by building your inventory, drop shipping, or even printing at live events. Our diverse selection of garments and products allow you to sell custom clothing with your logo or designs directly to your customers.

If you’d like to learn how Shirt Agency can help you sell more eco-friendly screen print shirts in Los Angeles, CA, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. You can use our online contact form to send us a message or send an email directly to Feel free to give us a call at 213-358-6593 as well to request a quote.