Why You Should Choose an Eco-Friendly T-Shirt Printing Partner


There are a lot of qualities to look for when choosing a shirt printing partner. Cost, customer service, the quality of the printing, and flexibility all matter. But, there’s one more factor you don’t want to overlook if you want your shirts to appeal to the majority of consumers today: sustainability.

People want to know the products they spend money on aren’t harming the planet. Using an eco-friendly t-shirt printing partner can catch the interest of this market segment and make your shirts more competitive, all while raising the profile of your brand. Eco-friendly is more than a buzzword – it’s becoming a must for many of your customers.

The Interest in Eco-Friendly Living Is Increasing

Sustainable fashion has been a growing trend for years. Recently, however, it's becoming more of an expectation than an extra perk.

According to a 2020 report published by IBM and the National Retail Federation, nearly eight in 10 consumers in North America indicate that sustainability is important to them when making purchasing decisions. Of this group, over 70 percent are willing to pay a premium for brands that they know are environmentally responsible.

A McKinsey survey found similar results in Europe. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, two-thirds of those surveyed said they believe limiting impacts on climate change has become even more important to them. Eighty-eight percent said there should be a greater focus on reducing pollution, and 57 percent are already making changes to their lifestyle to respect the planet.

Using an eco-friendly t-shirt printing company is a small step you can take that makes a big statement. Show your audience that you get them and offer sustainable options.

Being Earth-First Can Raise Interest in Your Brand

Whether you sell t-shirts as merchandise to promote your brand or you have a clothing line that includes printed shirts, this is one consumer trend you don’t want to ignore. Being an earth-first company can set your business up for a more prosperous future and establish you as a more socially conscious brand.

  • You’ll appeal to consumers who are committed to only buying eco-friendly products.
  • This can increase sales, but it can also boost brand loyalty and trust.
  • As an environmentally responsible brand, you’ll have opportunities to partner with other sustainable companies on social media, at trade shows, and more.
  • Because you can offer both regular and eco-friendly t-shirts at different price points, you don’t have to leave out your more budget-friendly customers.

There’s a major intangible benefit here that helps everyone – by partnering with an eco-friendly t-shirt printing company, you’re helping more consumers adopt sustainable behavior. This makes people apt to develop other positive changes, which impacts their social peers and leads to more positive outcomes for the environment and for everyone.

We Make Sustainability Easy

At Shirt Agency, we make things easy for our clients. We do this by providing a variety of options so you can ensure your t-shirts are the ones your target audience loves to wear. Whether you are interested in eco-friendly shirts or a variety of t-shirts at different price points, we’re happy to help.

No matter what type of merchandise you order, you can always count on premium quality and beautiful prints. We use professional-grade equipment that achieves impeccable results for both screen printing and DTG printing.

Your brand. Your vision. Your statement. Call or request a quote today to have your eco-friendly custom-t-shirts printed.