Why custom t-shirts & embroidery are perfect party favors in Los Angeles, CA

Why custom t-shirts & embroidery are perfect party favors in Los Angeles, CA

Everybody loves free t-shirts. We saw this put to the test on a popular '90s cartoon where two lab mice created a plot to take over the planet by luring the entire population to a fake, paper Earth. The piece that put their plan into motion was giving away free t-shirts to everyone who came to the new Earth. Spoiler alert: it worked.

If you want to throw a party where everyone is looking forward to the event, give away t-shirts as party favors. Shirt Agency will work with you to create the perfect party favors with custom t-shirts and embroidery in Los Angeles, CA.

Commemorate a milestone birthday

Sweet 16, over the hill at 40, and retirement age are just three milestone birthdays that call for an extra special birthday bash. Custom t-shirts are a great way to get everyone involved in the celebration. You can create your own special image to celebrate the person whose birthday it is, then put it on a t-shirt for everyone to wear.

Makes guests easily identifiable

Whether it’s a destination party or you’re taking a group of kids to an amusement park, custom t-shirts and embroidery are a great way to keep track of everyone. Brightly colored shirts with your design emblazoned across the front make it easy to ensure that your group stays together and nobody gets lost.

Theme a party

Whether you’re throwing a bachelor or bachelorette, Halloween, or murder mystery party, you can provide custom t-shirts to your guests. Divide your guests into teams, assign characters, or make a party uniform with t-shirts that show your custom design. This makes it easy to create your ideal party environment for your guests without putting anyone out who isn’t sure what to wear or can’t fit the bill for a new outfit.

A reminder of a good time

There are few ways to remember a party when it’s over other than a few (likely blurry) photos on phones. Custom t-shirts and embroidery provide a constant reminder of the good time had by all at any party or get together. Every time someone puts on their t-shirt from your party they can be reminded of the fun times that were had by all.

It’s better than a kazoo

We’ve all been to parties where there was a gift bag given out at the end that included a kazoo, a yo-yo with a string that’s too short, and some weird candy. As kids, we were thrilled to be getting candy and a toy to annoy mom and dad, but as you got a little older it just didn’t feel like there was much thought put into it. Custom t-shirts and embroidery make excellent party favors to treat everyone who took the time to come to your party.

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