What to consider when ordering screen print shirts for employees

What to consider when ordering screen print shirts for employees

Custom shirts can help you boost team culture, improve branding, and give your employees a more professional appearance. But there are important factors you should consider before placing an order.

At Shirt Agency, we create high-quality shirts for businesses of all kinds, from restaurants to law offices. We’ve compiled some helpful tips below for ordering screen print shirts for employees.

Figure out the basics

Before you place an order of screen print shirts for employees, you should first figure out the basics:

  • Who will be wearing the shirts: Will your shirts be worn by administrative office workers, laborers, or your executive sales team? Depending on who will be wearing the shirt, you may need to make minor customizations.

    For example, choosing neutral colors is ideal for sales teams who will be out in the field, and adding their names in embroidery lends a professional touch. If you’re buying shirts for laborers who work in dangerous conditions, consider choosing high-visibility “safety colors,” such as yellow or orange.
  • What is the purpose of the shirts: If the shirts will be worn as uniforms in the workplace, then you can stick with a neutral design and possibly add the employee’s name in embroidery. But if the shirts will be worn by restaurant workers or outside of the workplace, consider making them more promotional.

    Branded apparel is a great way to turn your employees into brand ambassadors, so don’t forget to maximize this opportunity. Add attention-grabbing designs so the shirts look more fashionable, and be sure to include a call-to-action, such as your phone number or website.

  • Gather sizes and preferences: Consider offering your employees different color options and various styles, such as crew neck or V-neck shirts. Once you get their preferences, be sure to also collect their sizes.

Choose between screen printing and DTG

Once you’ve nailed down the design of your screen print shirt for employees, it’s time to choose the printing method. You’re probably most familiar with screen printing, but this isn’t your only option.

With screen printing, the ink is pushed through a woven screen onto the fabric. In other words, the ink lays on top of the fabric, instead of soaking into it.

Screen printing is ideal for shirts with simple designs and few colors. Since a separate screen is made for each element of the design, this means more complex designs will feel very thick on the shirt.

If you’re planning on having a complicated design with lots of colors, then “direct to garment” is a better option. With DTG, the ink is sprayed onto the garment using an inkjet printer. This method allows you to print photorealistic images, bold colors, and highly complex designs.

Find a company to produce your screen print shirt for employees

Your last step is to find a high-quality shirt printing service. At Shirt Agency, we offer premium screen printing and DTG services for a variety of businesses.

Our 7,000-square-foot facility is capable of handling large orders, and our team is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life. To get started on your screen print shirt for employees, reach out today.