How to use custom t-shirts in Los Angeles to monetize your Youtube audience

man wearing custom t-shirt made in Los Angeles

You’ve made painstaking efforts to cultivate a Youtube audience, and you’re proud of all the work you’ve put in so far.

Now it’s time to reap the benefits of your work by monetizing your audience. And the best way to do so? By designing your very own custom t-shirts in Los Angeles with Shirt Agency.

Not everyone wants to add a ton of advertisements to their videos, after all, which sort of limits the options you have available to you.

Keep reading to learn the easiest — and most affordable — way to make your own merch.

1. Determine your merchandise needs

According to Youtube Creator’s Academy, the process begins with finding out whether you’re ready to sell your products. After all, it wouldn’t make sense to screenprint 1,000 tees if you’ll only be able sell 50 of them.

Have you noticed a consistent stream of new followers and new engagement? Do you feel like you have a strong relationship with your audience? Have they asked about whether or not you’re selling merchandise?

2. Design your custom t-shirts

Once you know that your audience will support your merchandising efforts, you’ll want to create custom t-shirt designs that they would want to buy and wear.

By asking yourself a few questions, you can hone in on the perfect design:

  • Does your audience know you for a certain thing? This could be your logo, a meme, or a catchphrase you say often in your videos
  • Are there any identifying things from your industry that your audience likes? If you’re a huge gamer, for example, you may want to turn yourself into a video game character

Create a few designs (or work with a graphic designer) to come up with a few different options before choosing the one you’ll move forward with.

3. Order your new merch

For your first launch, you’ll want to start slow and small. Order a small batch of custom t-shirts from our company in Los Angeles — not only will ordering in bulk save you some money upfront, this will give you a feel for what to expect from the process in the future.

4. Debut your custom t-shirts to your audience

Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for: showing your audience the results of your hard work.

Go big with a new Youtube video promoting your merch, or slowly warm up to your announcement by leaving teasers on social media.

Maybe you want to give them a behind-the-scenes look at how you designed your shirt, or perhaps you choose to reveal a tiny part of your design on Instagram stories the week before your merch launch.

You may even want to wear your custom designs out and about before premiering it on your Youtube channel. The choice is yours!

Once you do debut your merch, make sure to tell your audience where they can purchase it from by adding the link to your videos.

And of course, don’t forget to thank your audience! You wouldn’t be here without them, after all, so you owe it to them for getting you this far.

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Plus, we also offer drop-shipping and fulfillment too — which takes another task off your already long to-do list. If you plan on hosting an event in the near future, talk to us about screen-printing custom t-shirts for your guests as well.

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