Top 5 reasons to use Shirt Agency for your restaurant or bar

Top 5 reasons to use Shirt Agency for your restaurant or bar

Since 2012, Shirt Agency has been a leading provider of screen print shirts for bars and restaurants. We can help you boost your branding, increase customer loyalty, and so much more.

Here are the top 5 reasons to choose Shirt Agency for your restaurant or bar’s apparel:

1. We can help you create a stronger team culture

Most eateries have dress codes, but why not outfit your staff in branded T-shirts instead? You’d be surprised at how much this can boost your team culture.

Not only does branded apparel help your employees feel like they’re part of a team, but it can give your staff a more polished appearance. Don’t forget that first impressions mean everything, especially when it comes to the hospitality industry.

Our customizable shirts will help your brand’s personality shine while giving your staff a professional look. Overall, this small difference can play a big role in establishing consumer confidence, uniting your team, and boosting company culture.

2. Our products are powerful promotion tools

We can help you create effective promotional tools for your business using branded apparel. Why use branded apparel? Simply put, it works. According to a recent advertising study, consumer recall is highest for apparel items. The study found that a whopping 85% of people remember the advertiser that gave them a shirt or hat.

Our screen print shirts for bars and restaurants make great giveaway items. Consider giving away your branded apparel during your city’s restaurant week, or during seasonal events when you’ll be expecting heavy foot traffic.

Our T-shirts are also great options if you plan on selling branded merchandise. This allows you to add another income stream, and it turns your loyal customers into brand ambassadors whenever they sport your merch.

3. We offer the highest standards available in LA

Shirt Agency is proud to offer the highest standards available in the Los Angeles area. Our premium screen printing is done using ROQ automatic presses. ROQ is a leading manufacturer in the textile printing industry. We also invest in the best inks to ensure your shirts look great and last after multiple washings.

In addition to screen printing, we also provide “direct to garment” printing (“DTG”). DTG is a modern technique that uses a textile inkjet printer. This allows you to achieve bold colors and a high level of detail, even for complex designs.

4. We love bringing your vision to life

What makes Shirt Agency different is our commitment to your satisfaction. When we initially started in 2012, our team came together with a shared passion of helping people make their dream apparel a reality. This enthusiastic approach enables us to bring your ideas to life, from the initial sketch to the final details.

5. We’re capable of high-capacity T-shirt production

If you own a franchise or corporate restaurant that requires large quantities of branded apparel, we’ve got you covered. Our team can handle orders of nearly any size.

Our 7,000-square-foot facility is capable of producing 15,000 shirts per week. In fact, we’ve completed well over one million prints as of this year.

Order custom screen print shirts for bars

Shirt Agency is a top choice for screen printing and custom branded apparel. If you need high-quality screen print shirts for bars or restaurants, we’d be happy to help.

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