Rent our manual 6 Color press and use our 20' dryer to make your job perfect

If you are looking for assistance we can help you with the setup process for $75/hr

Rent a Press
Make T-Shirts your way and don't waste your money buying a machine

Introducing our Rent-a-Press service! For just $140, you can take advantage of our state-of-the-art press for a full 5 hours. We're offering you complete freedom to print as many t-shirts as you'd like during your rental period, and what's more, our premium-quality ink is included in the price. Please note that there is a $20 screen fee for each screen we create for you. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to bring your creative designs to life with professional-grade equipment, all while keeping your costs under control. Book your session today and unleash your printing potential!

This is an analogue photograph (35mm)
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