Promote your podcast with awesome t-shirt designs and fulfillment services

Promote your podcast with awesome t-shirt designs and fulfillment services

It seems like everybody has a podcast these days. What are you doing to break through the noise and promote your podcast? Aside from consistency, it’s best to get eyes on your podcast with physical promotion. At Shirt Agency, this is what we do. We can help with fast and reliable t-shirt fulfillment services.

If you’re still at a loss, we have some ideas as to how you can get started promoting your podcast.

Logo t-shirts

Logos go a long way in brand recognition. Think for a minute about the brands and logos that you see every day. How often is there actually any wording accompanying the logo? You know those brands without even seeing the name of the company. You can start doing this yourself with your logo. While you’re starting to build your brand, it’s a good idea to include the name of your podcast with a logo. This helps build awareness.

Not only is brand recognition part of your logo, but it also helps draw interest. A strong logo can go a long way to drawing in your audience by catching the eye and piquing curiosity. This is especially true with a podcast. Most of your listeners will find your podcast because the logo catches their eye as they scroll or walk by someone wearing your t-shirt. Get your logo on t-shirts that catch the eye of prospective listeners.

Alternative designs

In addition to your primary logo, it’s good to have a secondary or even a tertiary logo that you can go to for t-shirt designs. If you’re not picky about a color scheme, you can also make each logo available in different colors to allow further customized options. This appeals to more people and gives your audience more opportunity to buy shirts and represent your brand.

In addition to more logo designs, you can make shirts that are specific to your podcast. Create designs that have to do directly with common phrases, jokes, or other references to content within your podcast. If you have a signature sign-on or sign-off, you can use that as inspiration for a design. T-shirts with specific sayings allow your listeners to create a sense of community with one another. For instance, if you have a recurring joke on your podcast that only somebody who listens to your show would understand, your audience is more likely to buy it as it adds to their sense of belonging with your show.

Drop shipping

If you’re a small podcast, there’s a good chance you’re not bringing in the ad revenue that you need to build a big inventory of shirts to ship out. Don’t let that stop you from selling merchandise that represents your show. We can take care of it for you with our t-shirt fulfillment services. Shirt Agency offers drop shipping so you can sell your podcast merch without warehousing a bunch of products in your home.

Our drop shipping fulfillment services are designed to print and ship t-shirts to your customers upon order. This means that all you have to worry about is getting the word out and we’ll make sure your listeners get their gear.

Get started with Shirt Agency

Get your podcast name out in the real world by putting t-shirts on backs that have your logo on them. Shirt Agency will help you with our t-shirt fulfillment services. Give us a call at 213-358-6593 or send a message using our online contact form to get started. We want to help you build your podcast brand.