How to use Shopify for your embroidery jacket fulfillment

Why embroidery jackets are all the rage and how fulfillment with Shopify can help you

Embroidered jackets are so hot right now. Whether it’s denim, fleece, or polyester, embroidery goes a long way to making a dull or understated jack come to life. If you’re hesitant to add embroidery, we get it.

At Shirt Agency, we understand that embroidering every order you take in your shop by yourself can be cumbersome and expensive. You can add a whole new level to your online shop with embroidery fulfillment through Shopify, so here are a couple of reasons why you should.

It looks professional

Embroidery has a strong and professional look to it. Companies that include embroidered jackets to their uniform go a long way to providing an appearance of authority. From fleece to soft polyester shells to rugged canvas jackets, you can represent your company or help someone present their employees in a professional manner with an embroidered jacket.

Whether you’re putting together orders for companies or just selling shirts and jackets with custom designs, an embroidered logo or image provides a different look than a traditional screen printed image.

Simple designs add a lot

It doesn’t take much embroidery to add a significant feel to a design. Many brands like to put a tiny embroidered logo on the breast of their polo shirts. This has become a symbol of quality work from a quality company. Furthermore, a plain denim jack can be given a lot of flare with a simple embroidered design on the back, chest, or even a sleeve. These designs don’t have to be large or flashy, because the look of the stitching provides the flair.

Additionally, an embroidered image on a jacket adds a one-of-a-kind feel to it. Because embroidery is costly and time-consuming, many companies will run a limited edition version of a special design if it’s embroidered. While this might not be one-of-a-kind per se, it creates an element of scarcity with the product itself.

How Shopify can help you

When you run your online store through Shopify, you can sync it up with a drop shipping or embroidery service that fulfills your orders for you. This means that all you have to do is drive traffic to your store and make sure your customers are happy. Of course, you’ll want to keep sending in new designs to grow your inventory. Our team can help you get the colors, stitching, and file right if that’s what you need. Embroidery fulfillment with Shopify and Shirt Agency is the fast and easy way to get quality embroidered products out to your buyers quickly and at an affordable rate for both you and your customers.

Run your shop with Shirt Agency

Unless you’re hand embroidering every garment by yourself, you need help with embroidery fulfillment for your Shopify store. This is where Shirt Agency comes in. We offer customer embroidery to make each and every piece that you sell in your store custom according to how you want it. We can mass produce to help you build inventory or drop ship with each order.

Contact our team today to learn more about our jacket embroidery services and how we can help you build your shop. Give us a call at 213-358-6593 or send us a message to speak with our team.