Celebrate Spring with Downtown LA Screen Print Events

Girls in printed shirts at Downtown LA screen print events.

Spring is upon us, and no other time makes for lively celebrations quite like this one. With the right kind of event to usher the season in, your shirt sales, merchandising, or branding can achieve sky-high results.

This is the kind of thing we know all about at Shirt Agency, so let’s make sure you have the details you need for record-busting sales.

Why spring’s so great for Downtown LA screen print events

It’s tough to name a better place for promoting your custom print shirts than somewhere with people having a great time and ready to spend.

If you’re a popular YouTuber, podcaster, or the like, your merchandise can fly off the racks as fans find an expressive way to make you part of their spring celebrations.

The benefits are just as great for those not necessarily in the custom design shirt business. Your food stand, for example, can easily attract customers when they see fellow partiers rocking your branded custom shirts.

The bottom line is that Downtown LA screen print events are a great chance to promote your business and experience a sales spike. That’s true whether shirts are the core of your business or just a promotion tool. There are huge benefits for you to enjoy.

What a way to make something special out of spring, right? Right!

So, some tips:

Pro tips for making the most of screen print events

Let’s draw from Shirt Agency’s vast experience with successful screen print events to share how you can set yours up for the best results.

#1. Have your designs ready

As you’d expect, most customers will consider the designs more than anything before choosing to buy a shirt. So yours need to have special appeal.

One way to go about this is to seek inspiration from the spirit of the celebration. Have a design that clearly shows the shirt is meant for celebrating spring.

And, if there’s a theme to the event, make sure to include that too.

Many of your customers will want the shirt as a reminder of the celebration, so this isn’t something you should skip.

Of course, you’ll need to have your brand featuring prominently too. Merchandise buyers find this important because they want to display their support for your work.

And hungry spring celebrants will only know to look for your food stand if the shirt design strongly and clearly suggests they should.

Two or three highly varied designs might work best. You don’t want to make it too hard for customers to pick an option.

#2. Be lively

There’s so much going on and revelers’ attention is being drawn every which way. Great custom shirt designs alone aren’t enough to attract foot traffic.

So, make sure to have something else that demands attention and calls people to you. That could be a big decoration like a tube man with one of your shirts on or some dramatic lighting.

If it catches eyeballs, it’s probably a good bet.

#3. Choose the right screenprinting company

Nothing makes a Downtown LA screen print event go south like running out of shirts or ink. Customers’ disappointment and the brand damage linger long after the event.

We can produce 10,000 custom printed shirts a day at Shirt Agency so this isn’t something we have direct experience with, but we’ve heard stories.

Just make sure the screenprinting company you choose can fulfill all the orders you’ll need on the day, even if the turnout and demand for your merch are higher than expected.

Take full advantage of spring Downtown LA screen print events with Shirt Agency

Now that you know what celebrating spring with screen print events can do for your business, it’s time to pounce on the opportunity. Work with us, Shirt Agency, and you’ll help give customers a memorable celebration and a top-quality custom design shirt to remember it by.

Contact us today to get started.